TOA Steerable Active Line Array Speaker System - SR-D8-S

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TOA brought together it s proprietary line array technology and digital signal processing (DSP) technology in developing the SR-D8 active line array speaker. As well as process sing both analog and digital audio input, this innovative speaker harnesses 8 built-in digital amplifiers to project sound waves to targeted areas with greater precision than is possible with conventional speakers. By digitally shaping the width and angle of acoustic beams, it can steer sound precisely to desired areas without requiring a change of installation location.

Vertical beam width is adjustable by increments of 1° within a range of 45°, while the vertical beam steering angle is adjustable from -45° to +45° in increments of 1°. When targeting two separate areas at the same time, sufficient coverage can be achieved by splitting the beam into two direct ions and adjusting the width and vertical angle of each beam. Such beam splitting is especially effective when simultaneously covering both floor and balcony seating. By calculating the various parameters of steering set tings from parameters such as speaker setting and audience setting, users can make the system automatically set the angle and width of the beam so that it goes precisely in the direction of the set audience location.

Up to three SR-D8-S slave speakers can be connected to one SR-D8 -M main speaker to produce a line array. This maximum four -unit configuration is referred to as one stack. Up to 16 speakers (in four stacks) can be controlled from a single PC by connecting the four main speakers to a LAN.

Frequency Response130 Hz - 20 kHz
Power Consumption315 W (Rated output), 72 W (Based on UL/CSA Standards)
Power Source120 V AC, 60 Hz
S/N Ratio100 dB or more (A-weighted), DSP+Amplifier
Amplification SystemClass D, 8 channels
Speaker ComponentLow frequency: 10 cm cone-type x 8High frequency: 2.5 cm balanced dome-type x 24
Output30 W, 1 channel (1% THD+N)
Maximum SPLMax. 93 dB SPL (A-weighted, pink noise, 30 m)
Line Input--
Sampling Frequency48 kHz
Network I/F
Control-LANTCP/IP, 100BASE-TX 1 system RJ45 receptacle (etherCON: NEUTRIK)
Control-Connection cableShielded twisted pair (STP) CAT5 or higher LAN cable To be connected via the specified switching hub
Control-Max. distance100 m (109.36 yd) (connected via a switching hub)
Communication between Main and Slave Units - LOCAL LINKTOA original digital audio transmission, RJ45 receptacle (etherCON: NEUTRIK)
Communication between Main and Slave Units - Connection cableShielded twisted pair (STP) CAT5 or higher LAN cable
Signal Processing Gain, Mute, Compression, Parametric EQ, High/Low shelving filters, Low/High-pass, filters, All-pass filter, Notch filter, Horn EQ, Delay, Input matrix setting, 32 presets, etc
FinishEnclosure: MDF, white, paint Front grille: Punched steel plate, white, acrylic paint
Dimensions160 (W) x 895 (H) x 255 (D) mm (6.3" x 10.04" x 35.24")
Weight21 kg (46.3 lb)
AccessoryPower supply cord (2m (6.56 ft)) x 1, Removable terminal plug (3 P) x 2, Removable terminal plug (2 P) x 1
Vertical Beam Angle±45° (Adjustable by using the supplied SR-D8 setting software)
Vertical Beam WidthUp to 45°

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